Visit Sri Lanka

With its endless miles of golden beaches and abundance of rich natural beauties, Sri Lanka is one of Asia's premium paradises that has seduced the travelers around the world for centuries. The tremendous physical, cultural and ethnic diversity, as well as a long and distinguished history shaped by the centuries of foreign influence offers unlimited options for the avid travelers to obsess with.

Where To Go

When in Sri Lanka, you can explore an array of destinations that meet the aspirations of every kind of traveler.

The gateway to this paradise island is Colombo- the commercial hub of the country situated towards the south of the island. The West Coast presents a long swathe of golden sand. The South Coast is where you’ll find all the superb modern features of the civilization blended with the ancient.

Inland from Colombo lies Kandy- the last royal city, still a vibrant crucible of the island’s traditional arts and architecture. Towards the south you can find the tea estates swathe the heights of the Hill Country.

North of Kandy, the Cultural Triangle holds the island’s most absorbing archaeological remains centered on the ruins of the great cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa surrounded by the rock citadel of Sigiriya, Mihintale, and the exquisite cave temples of Dambulla.

The East Coast is the war toned area, but offering a fascinating glimpse into the vibrant culture of the Sri Lankan Tamils.

What To Do

Sri Lanka is rich in novel and unparalleled experiences that can be safely enjoyed by any avid traveler who is looking for exceptional and novel luxury holidays experiences.

Whether you want to join in activities, learn more about the island’s fascinating history, see how village people live, explore the lush wilderness, photograph wildlife or taste native cuisine at its source, we have designed tours to satisfy both the intrepid adventurer and the more relaxed traveler.

Encircled by the ocean, the island lets you enjoy unlimited array of ocean activities and never miss participating in the ocean sports festivals that are organized internationally.

If water is not really your area of interest, why not indulge in hiking, trekking and other more relaxing activities that can be found amidst the lush greenery or among the ancient monuments.

Sri Lankan Culture

Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lankan Food

Sri Lankan cooking has evolved mainly around rice. The national staple meal is referred to as “rice and curry”: a mountainous plate of rice generally accompanied by assorted meat and/or vegetable curries, various pickles, sambols, and a handful of tiny pappadums.
More than 15 varieties of rice are grown on the island, from tiny white translucent varieties to long-grained basmati and the nutty red brown rice. Locals will take balls of cooked rice and rub the highly spiced accompaniments into them, massaging the mixture gently between the fingers to blend the flavors.



Sri Lanka’s ancient medicines are more popular than ever, whether in treating disease or maintaining health and fitness.
According to the legends Ayurveda, the science of life (Ayur = knowledge, science; Veda = life, longevity), was a gift of the Hindu God Brahma to humankind as a token of his compassion.
This Holistic approach to health has for millennia used Sri Lanka’s prolific herb and plant life to cure and revitalize. Its origins can be traced back more than 5,000 years to the Vedas of India – and it has had a profound influence on Chinese and Tibetan medicine, and even Western surgery.



Sri Lanka’s festival calendar holds a rich diversity that reflects the socio-cultural and religious diversity of the country. And you will notice that Sri Lanka has more festivals than any other country, and though it’s difficult to prove the veracity of this claim, there’s no mistaking the number and importance of the religious celebrations and other festivals which regularly bring life on the island to a standstill. The famous national festivals including various religious festivals celebrated by the island’s Buddhists, Hindus, Christians and Muslims, the Sinhala Tamil New Year etc.

Top Attractions

Get up close to elephants at Pinnawela

The undeniably enjoyable, Pinnawela Elephant Orphanage is home to the world’s largest troupe of captive pachyderms, from majestic old tuskers to the cutest of newborns.


Seek leopards in Yala National Park

Sri Lanka’s foremost wildlife destination is the home to the world’s highest concentration of leopards, alongside elephants aplenty, fabulous birdlife and skittish monkeys – plus a wonderful landscape of unspoiled jungle and salty lagoons.

Admire the view from World’s End

The hill country at its most dramatic: the sheer cliffs of World's End fall away beneath one’s feet for the best part of a kilometer, offering heart-stopping views over the distant plains & surrounding ranges.

Climb to the top of Sigiriya

The mighty rock fortress of Sigiriya towers high over the surrounding plains as one of Sri Lanka’s most sought after natural sights with fascinating historical interest.

Admire Buddhist art at Polonnaruwa

Polonnaruwa is the place where you’ll find Sri Lanka’s finest collection of ancient Buddhist art and architecture - from the magnificent rock-carved statues of the Gal Vihara in the exquisitely decorated ancient temples.

Wander along Galle Fort's atmospheric streets

A perfectly preserved colonial resemblance, the quiet streets of Galle Fort ooze old-world atmosphere, with Dutch-era mansions encircled by a venerable chain of the ramparts and bastions, and the crashing waves making it a breathing sight to capture.

Go whale-watching

Southern Sri Lanka (famously Mirissa) offers arguably the best place in the world to see both blue and sperm whales together, along with lots of friendly dolphins.

Linger around Anuradhapura's ruins

The capital of Sri Lanka during the ancient years, its enormous dagobas and jungle-swathed ruins are among the island’s most magnificent and atmospheric, ancient remains that have globally significant.

Enjoy traditional dance in royal city- Kandy

The cultural capital of Sri Lanka has a vibrant traditional arts scene, the array of Buddhist temples and palaces which encircle the ancient tradition and its allies.

Tuck into rice and curry

For the truly native flavor of Sri Lanka, savor an authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry, a miniature banquet of contrasting ingredients and flavors – with a fair bit of spice thrown in.